Short sale. foreclosure  one day seasoning. Fico to 660.

Purchase or refinance certain restrictions apply, call for details.

Portfolio Products to get more buyers into homes! Great rates.

Interest Only to 3.5 Million

Self Employed 1 year, we can make exception.  Jumbo NON-QM

Our quick, easy assistant focuses on your individual needs, Receive purchase information instantly.

Foreign National

Designed for citizens of another country & have a valid visa to visit the US.

60%to 2.5 million, no income documents.  Debt service of 1.25% SFR-PUD-Condo_2-4.

Short on Downpayment?

We offer a matching of your 10% down

not a loan Passive investment to help you buy

more home!


Short Sale of Foreclosure

No Waiting period Let's get you into  a home now!

That's Right for You! Self Employed and Tax Returns don't quite qualify you? Try our Bank Statement Program.

Our expanded products feature fully amortized loans with Interest Only features (subject to underwriting guidelines). Rates, points, and closing costs vary based on loan features, geography and/or other terms and conditions. 70% to 1.5million 12 months reserves. Cash out to 65%

Proprietary Portfolio Products

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